About Us

The FIRST® Robotics Competition Team 7519, “Silver Warriors,” was founded in 2019. We are from Clewiston, Florida, currently have two mentors, and have 19 full-time members. 

The idea of creating a robotics team was introduced around early 2018. We were given the opportunity to attend the 2018 South Florida Regional Competition on March 29th. Here we were able to interact with veteran FRC teams and experience the roles we would be given. When the next school year began, we were ready to get to work. The formation of our team really took off around September 2018, and after some deliberation we settled the name “Silver Warriors” and began appointing leadership positions. We needed funds, so with our PowerPoint in hand, we started presenting to numerous local businesses. So far we have received a NASA grant and have been sponsored by Johnson-Prewitt Associates, United States Sugar Corporation, Sunshine Family Medical, First Bank of Clewiston, and our school’s Advisory Committee. We were fortunate enough to receive the help of FRC Team 179, “Children of the Swamp”, who assisted us in the building of our 1st robot, Jerry I. 

On January 5th, our team attended the FRC Kickoff event at Suncoast Community High School in Riviera Beach, Florida, where we met Dylan Smith and Kathryn Sample, the FIRST® VISTAs for South Florida, who came down to assist us on February 4th. We hold a great deal of gratitude to all who have supported and helped us.


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